RoadVantage – Tire & Wheel PLUS Wear & Tear

June 13th, 2017 by

Tire & Wheel Repair – Covers alloy wheel repair against curb rash as well as replacing damaged tires and wheels that cannot be repaired from road hazards such as nails, rocks, potholes, and glass.

Paintless Dent & Ding Repair – We have our Dent Specialist remove body panel dents 4″ and smaller. In most cases you will never know the dent was there! One panel per occurrence, only dents on the sheet metal can be repaired, creases and edges may be unreachable, hail excluded & paint flaws are not covered.

Key Replacement – Covers lost or broken key chains and fobs, as well as all other keys on that key-chain up to $800 per occurrence. Pays for the part as well as the labor time involved in reprogramming the key.

Windshield Repair – Chips and cracks under 6″ will undergo a resin fill. This helps keep the chip or crack from spreading and requiring a replacement windshield and in many cases make the chip undetectable. We recommend getting this completed as soon as possible in the event the crack spreads! Does not cover windshield replacement.

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